Shine Online

Bring the fun and convenience of dance classes with you wherever you go with Platinum Dance Virtual Dance Classes!

Why is dance important? 

Platinum Dance classes help children in so many ways!  Dance classes help increase physical fitness by improving fitness, flexibility, stamina, and muscle tone.  Being physically active is important for children of all ages, and dance can help promote healthy habits as well as proper posture and balance. 

Platinum Dance classes help a child’s emotional well-being by promoting a positive, engaging learning environment with encouraging instructors!  We want children to enjoy dance for the love of music and movement! We work to promote patience, hard work, and build their self-esteem by practicing new steps and reviewing previously learned steps. 

Dance classes spark creativity, fun, and interactive play!  Children will build confidence in their ability to express themselves in new ways through movement.  Dance classes can be done independently or together – so get up and join your child in the comfort of your home!  We encourage children to think outside the box using their imagination to act like an animal, stretch up tall like a tree, or go on safari adventures! 


Why should I try virtual dance classes? 

We are in a time where schedules are crazy busy and ever-changing!  There are so many reasons you may be unable to attend an in-person Platinum Dance class, such as moving, a schedule change, vacation, etc. - but no worries – our virtual dance classes are the answer for you!  You can now have a dance class any day, any time, anywhere you want!  

We will help your child learn, develop, and grow as a dancer in the comfort of your home!  Your child has the benefit to rewind and rewatch the videos to learn at their own pace, which boosts confidence and self-esteem.  You can take us with you, so if you’re at home, in a hotel, waiting at a doctor’s office, or spending time at Grandma’s – pull up a dance class and have some fun!  

Virtual classes may not replace the magic of the live class experience, but we’ll still provide you helpful hints to keep practicing correct technique skills at home. Videos can be an incredible source of inspiration for anyone at any age!


What you’ll enjoy with Platinum Dance Virtual Dance Classes:

  1. A new high-energy dance lesson every month
  2. Engaging instruction to get your kids ready to have fun, and we’re sure you’ll want to join in!  
  3. Encouraging, positive instructors to help get your child up and moving, and burning off energy while learning and trying new skills!
  4. Specific dance step instructions that are great for beginners as well as experienced dancers to practice and improve each week.  
  5. Monthly dance lessons choreographed to age-appropriate children’s music 
  6. Learn new choreography steps 
  7. Strategic songs and activity placement in order to retain your child’s attention
  8. Practical dance concepts for both kids and adults to enjoy together!