Dance Classes

2018-2019 Dance Season Prices

Tuition is due on the first of each month. All prices subject to South Dakota and local city sales tax.

  • Registration Fee – $37.28* (once-a-year fee that ensures you access to convenient automatic payments, a reserved spot for your dancer in class for the year, and a chance to participate in TWO recitals a year!)
  • Monthly Tuition – $58.58*/month (Additional Sibling – $47.93*/month)
  • Winter Costume Fee – TBD
  • Spring Recital Costume Fee – TBD

*REGISTRATION FEES - NON-REFUNDABLE FEE - Returned checks or EFT payments not funded are subject to a return fee of $30.00 - A $10.00 late fee will be charged to all accounts not paid in full by the 15th of each month.


Important Dates

  • Monday Sept. 3rd - No Classes
  • 11/21 - 11/23 - No Classes
  • Saturday 12/15 - Winter Recitals
  • 12/17 - 1/1/20 - No Classes
  • 4/10 - 4/13 - No Classes
  • 5/25 - No Classes
  • Saturday 6/13/20 - Spring Recitals

Tiny Stars - Ballet/Jazz/Tap (30 Minutes):

Our Platinum Dance classes are for boys and girls ages 18 months – 3 years old. This class is an introduction to dance for our young toddlers, where they will have the opportunity to continue to develop their independence while dancing and exploring rhythms! We use our imaginations, learn instructions and classroom etiquette, and start to learn basic dance steps. Dancers learn about balancing, stretching our muscles, and begin to learn dance terms such as plié, relevé, arabesque, passé, tendu, and arm and feet positions. Parents are welcome to join/observe if necessary, but we encourage parents to “hide” from your dancer if possible so they can explore and learn independently!

Rising Stars - Ballet/Jazz/Tap (45 minutes):

Our Combo classes are for boys and girls ages 3-6 years old. This class expands on our Tiny Stars class, however Tiny Stars is not a prerequisite to this class. Any dancer of any background (or no dance background) can join this class! We work on skills such as jumping, balancing, galloping, while also working on peer interactions and etiquette that reaches beyond the classroom. Students experience practice and exercises as a whole group, in partners, and individually. We work on ballet steps such as plié, relevé, arabesque, passé, tendu, and arm and feet positions, and continue to expand their repertoire from previous classes. We begin introducing tap steps such as a flap, shuffle, dig, and many more! Our jazz steps allow us to use our ballet basics and expand on them in fun, upbeat songs! This class is versatile for a variety of age and technique levels, so our teachers are able to cater to individual needs and ensure that each of our students has fun!

Shooting Stars - Hip Hop (45 minutes):

Our Jazz/Hip-Hop class is for boys and girls ages 6-10 years old. This is a fun, energetic class to help kids burn off energy while working on learning steps, combinations, and memorizing as they dance to a variety of songs. Dancers learn a series of 8-count steps to popular music that they can sing along to and show off at home! We expand on Jazz technique while incorporating fun Hip Hop moves to encourage individuality and build confidence and self-esteem. This class also works on enhancing listening skills, cooperation, and social skills in and out of the classroom. Students need to have strong focus and active participation to be successful.

Glowing Stars Adaptive Class (30 minutes):

This class is not currently available. Please check back or contact us for details.

Our music and movement class for adaptive needs students is aimed at helping student initiate movements and rhythms while having fun! Movement is important for everyone of all ages and abilities, so we want to help your child stay active and grow mentally and physically. This class will help students express themselves through non-verbal means – through movement – which helps build confidence and socialization through the freedom of self-expression! We talk about animals, feelings, experiences, etc. so it is fun and light-hearted while using our muscles and smiling! We focus on body movement, not a series of steps. We use props to help with motor skills as well, making our classes exciting and fresh each week! We hope you join us!

Dance Attire

We encourage all dancers with Platinum Dance to wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing. Dancers are welcome to purchase their own tights and leotards to wear at class.

Platinum Dance and Combo Classes: Pink leather ballet shoes are preferred, but dancers are welcome to wear any close-toed shoes.

Hip Hop/Jazz Classes: Black, slip-on jazz shoes or tennis shoes

Please let your school teacher know if your dancer needs to change prior to the start of Platinum Dance classes.

Cancellation Policy:

Enrollment cancellation and deactivation of automatic payment and/or recurring invoices will only be honored if Platinum Dance’s cancellation policy is followed, as stated here:

To Cancel: A written cancellation notice must be received by our office email ( two (2) weeks prior to your student’s last day of classes.

  • Lack of attendance in class does NOT cancel enrollment or billing
  • All dancers are enrolled through end of June 2020. Tuition is due the first day of the month. If at any time you would like to cancel enrollment, the cancellation policy must be followed.
  • Please note: A spot in a Platinum Dance class is reserved for your student. Class numbers, staffing, and schedules are based on enrollment numbers. We ask that you keep us updated as soon as changes arise to allow us the opportunity to communicate and accommodate changes.
  • You are responsible for all charges accumulated if appropriate notice is not received by our office.