Platinum Dance Recitals

Platinum Dance dancers have the opportunity to participate in two (2) recitals each year, one in winter and one in spring. Both our Winter Recital & Spring Recital have free admission, with no limit on the number of guests!

Dancers will perform 2-3 dances, which they start learning in October for Winter Recital, and February for Spring Recital. This is an exciting opportunity for students to perform in costume, on stage, and for their friends and family! Our dancers create memories that will last for years to come!

Recital Fees:

While admission to recitals is free, there is an additional costume fee for each recital. Your child’s dance teacher will take measurements of students in class for the company to place the order for each student’s costume. Parents are responsible for payment of costume fee to Platinum Dance. Recitals are optional participation, but we encourage all dancers to participate!

The Winter Recital costume fee will be charged in October. Please let us know prior to that date if you do not wish to have your child participate. We never want a child to be left out, so we assume that all want to participate and need a costume ordered, so please let us know if you do not wish to be charged.

If your child does not wish to participate in the show you will not be required to pay the costume fee. Simply call the Platinum Dance office or e-mail us to let us know prior to the deadline. We cannot, under any circumstances, make refunds for costumes after they are ordered!